Hello, I’m Matt. I’m a writer, marketer, and editor. I have an elite understanding of business, communications, technology tools, and the high-tech industry. Unlike most writers and creative professionals, I understand the technical part of what makes your business tick. Here are a few reasons you might want to work with me:

  • I’m the grammar police chief.
  • I have a strong understanding of core business principles beyond quality prose and grammar. I used to work for a public technology company and ghostwrite for executives.
  • I get the job done on time. If I miss a deadline, I will give you the work for free. (I don’t miss deadlines.)
  • I have a degree from the University of Iowa, which is widely considered to be the strongest writing university in the English language.
  • I’m a excellent writer. Look at my samples to see for yourself.
  • All of my content is completely original.
  • I understand search engines.
  • I get technology. I won’t butcher your message. I will read and work until I understand you, then I will share your story in a way that anyone can understand.
  • The content I write belongs entirely to my clients.
  • I have an undying love for the Oxford Comma, but I can write AP if I’m on the clock.
  • I LOVE editing. I might even prefer it to writing.
  • I’m artistic, but unlike some creatives, I’m not allergic to data.
  • I’m polite, honest, and easy to deal with.

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