MIT Technology Review Names Freescale one of the World’s Smartest Companies

About the List

Every year, the MIT Technology Review compiles a list of the 50 smartest companies in the world. Given the prestige of the publication and number of innovative companies in today’s tech world, this list has become a standard in high-tech industries, and is an increasingly important measure of a company’s innovation. The editors created the list based on research and writing that they conducted throughout the year. Quantitative factors such as the number of researchers or the annual R&D spending are not criteria and nor is the past reputation of the company. The editors simply put together a list of the companies that they thought were commercializing the most innovative and disruptive technologies.

Why Freescale is on the List

Freescale’s leadership in the Internet of Things has had many in the tech world talking. Our ability to put memory, RAM and a processor into a chip that is smaller than an ant, and then couple that with best-in-class sensors, RF, and communications technology, has many talking about the future. The MIT Technology Review explored a few of these possibilities with an earlier article about Freescale, in which it imagined a world where thousands of extremely cheap, tiny sensors could scatter like dust and gather data to an extent that not even the wildest science fiction could foresee. It’s amazing enough that we currently enable applications so small they can be swallowed to monitor vital organs, imagine the day when there are fully functional chips only a millimeter in size, or even so small that they cannot be seen.

Doubling Down

Freescale is honored, not only to be part of this list, but also to contribute to several of the other companies mentioned. For example, Google is listed as the number 3 company on the list, and if you read the explanation, you will see that one of the main reasons for this is their acquisition of the smart thermostat company, Nest Labs, whose smoke detector product contains a Freescale microcontroller. Additionally, BMW, listed as number 7, is credited for pushing the forefront of self-driving capabilities in cars. Freescale has played a role in this progression as well, contributing both the sensors and the microcontrollers needed to make this technology possible. And these are just a few examples. A scan through the list will reveal that Freescale has played a role in several of these companies’ successes—making us a key leader in innovation around the world.

Congratulations… But, It’s Only the Beginning…

Recognition for our achievements is a good reminder of our responsibility as a company. The work we do pushes our industry forward and enables our customers to innovate and bring solutions to their own industries, which in turn makes our world cleaner, safer and more prosperous. We’ve come a long way since releasing the “walkie-talkie” back in 1940, but there is still a long ways to go and a lot of work left to be done. So, congratulations, Freescale, now let’s get back to it.

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